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Air Tools & Equipment

1 30LB Pneumatic Breaker
Heavy duty tool used for digging clay, frozen ground, concrete or hard pan
2 60LB Pneumatic Breaker
Excellent for breaking asphalt, concrete and brick
3 90LB Pneumatic Breaker
Breaks aggregate concrete, slag or foundation removal

1 15LB Chipping Gun
Light demolition work, bridge decking, concrete surface preparation, metal removal, form stripping
1 NS3 Needle Scaler
Removal of paint, heavy rust and scale and laitance from concrete
Rivet Buster K600 Rivet Buster
Heavy chipping and breaking of concrete, bridgework applications, rivet and bolt head cutting and concrete scaling

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  • 3 Head Pneumatic Scabbler
  • 5 Head Pneumatic Scabbler
  • Moisture Separator Pot
  • Air Cooled Aftercooler Separator