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Air Compressors

Portable Electric Air Compressor (7.7)

Max Pressure 125PSI

Delivered CFM 5.1@40PSI/4.1@100PSI

Wheel Barrow Style Portable Electric Air Compressor (11.9)

Max Pressure 120PSI

Delivered CFM 6.5 @ 100PSI

Wheel Barrow Style Portable Gas Air Compressor (14.2)

Max Pressure 125PSI

Delivered CFM 16@40PSI/13.1@100PSI

185cfm Air Compressor
Free-Air Delivery – cfm 185 |  Rated operating Pressure – psig 100
Pressure range – psig 80 – 125 | Air Discharge outlet size – 0.75”
Air Discharge outlet Quantity 2 | Fuel Tank Capacity – 27 gal Diesel
Coupler Hitch – 2”


375cfm Air Compressor
Free-Air Delivery – cfm 375 | Rated operating Pressure – psig 100
Fuel Tank Capacity – 42 gal Diesel | Coupler Hitch – 2”

1600cfm Air Compressor
Free-air Delivery – cfm 1,600 | Rated Operating Pressure – psig 150 | 
Pressure Range – psig 80 – 150 |Air Discharge Outlet Size – in (NPT) 3
Air Discharge Outlet Quantity     1 (2 with IQ) | Fuel Tank Capacity – 230 gal Diesel

Air Hose & Accessories

3/8” Air Hose




¾” Air Hose





2” Bull Hose

Air Hose “Y” Connector





Whip-chek Hose Connectors​





Double Spud






Female Spud





Male Spud







Air Manifold ¾” 6-Way

Air Tools & Equipment

30LB Pneumatic Breaker

Heavy duty tool used for digging clay, frozen ground, concrete or hard pan





60LB Pneumatic Breaker

Excellent for breaking asphalt, concrete and brick






90LB Pneumatic Breaker

Breaks aggregate concrete, slag or foundation removal

DA Sander




Straight Line Sander

1″ Spline Drive Impact Wrench





¾” Drive Impact Wrench






½” Drive Impact Wrench







3/8” Drive Air Ratchet


15LB Chipping Gun
Light demolition work, bridge decking,
concrete surface preparation, metal removal, form stripping





NS3 Needle Scaler
Removal of paint, heavy rust and scale and laitance from concrete




K600 Rivet Buster
Heavy chipping and breaking of concrete, bridgework applications,
rivet bolt head cutting and concrete scaling 






Pogo Stick Tamper






Jackhammer – Rock Drill






Partner K40 Cut Off Saw




Pictures Not Yet Available

  • 3 Head Pneumatic Scabbler
  • 5 Head Pneumatic Scabbler
  • Moisture Separator Pot
  • Air Cooled After Cooler Separator


84” Angle Blade




60″ Box Blade






60″ Mower




60″ Tiller




72″ Tine Rake




HB980 Hydraulic Breaker

Impact Energy Class: 500FT LBS
Blows Per Minute:
Soft Ground: 855 – 1060 bpm
Hard Ground: 1170 – 1450 bpm
Hydraulic Flow: 11.9-21.1GPM
Operating Pressure: 1750 psi
Pressure System: 2150 psi
Overall Length: 60.7″
Weight: 876LBS


Concrete Mixer Attachment

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 50″x51″x42″





15C Post Hole Auger

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.59″ x 10.23″ x 20.65″
Digging Depth (without extension): 62″
Hydraulic Flow: 8 – 22 gpm
Operating Weight (without bit): 406 lbs
Augers Available: 9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” & 36”







Demo-Dozer Grapple

Dimensions: 34″H x 34.9″W x 67″L
Weight: 1088 lbs



Angle Broom

Dimensions: 33”H x 79”W x 66”L
Operating Weight: 860 lbs
Hydraulic Flow Range:8-24 gpm
Sweep Width (Fully angled):63 in @ 25 Deg.


Excavator Grading Bucket. 39” Pin-On Style or 39” X-Change Style






X-Change Style Excavator Trenching Bucket. 12” & 24”









Pin-On Style Excavator Trenching Bucket. 9”, 16”, 18” & 20”









Excavator Hydraulic Breaker. Model HB680 or HB980








Excavator Hydraulic Auger Head. Model 10C or 15C. w/9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” & 36” Augers available



Ball/Joint Service Kit








24V Battery Charger






Pressure Brake Bleeder






Piston Ring Compressor






Coil Spring Compressor







Double Flaring Tool







Pickle Fork






Compression Tester







      Battery Load Tester










Torque Wrenches – Inch LBS/Foot LBS




Auto Polisher




Engine Hoist







Engine Stand






Engine Sling

Blasting Equipment

300LB Blasting Pot

W/50’ Blast Hose & Tungsten Blast Nozzle
Air Consumption/Nozzle Size: 98CFM – 1/4″, 168CFM – 5/16″
Empty Weight: 215 lbs









600LB Blasting Pot

W/50’ Blast Hose & Tungsten Blast Nozzle
Air Consumption/Nozzle Size: 98CFM-1/4″, 409CFM-1/2″
Empty Weight: 316 lbs







Soda Blaster

W/50’ Blast Hose & Blast Nozzle
Blast Pressure: 30-90 psi
Dimensions: 26″L x 26″W x 60″H
Empty Weight: 270 lbs







1 cu ft (100#) Blasting Pot W/Fresh Air Hood Assy Pot

Dimensions (Dia x Height): 10″ x 42″
Field-portable, light-duty, industrial, single-chamber blast machine rated at 125 psi working pressure./td>



Fresh Air Hood. Airline Respirator W/Filter to supply fresh air while blasting.





Blasting Hood






Not Pictured

  • Blast Hose Extensions
  • CO Monitor
Breaker & Drill Steels

Breaker Steels

Drill Steel. 4-1/4” X 1” Available in 2’, 4’, 6’, 8’ Lengths






Drill Steel Bits. Tungsten Carbide Bits. Inquire for available sizes

Builder & Contractor Tools

new name here





Rebar Bender/Cutter

60 lb Electric Breaker.

Operates on 115/120V AC/DC, 15 amp. outlet or 2500 watt portable generator





55 lbs Gas Breaker.

Flexible use, independent of compressed air supply and compressors




30# Electric Demolition Hammer. 115V/10AMP





Sledge Hammer

Hand Levels






Laser Level

Self-Leveling Construction Laser for Grading, excavating and general construction Projects with laser receiver






Transit Level

Job range up to 200 feet w/1/4” accuracy up to 75’

Manual Tile Cutter

Will do straight cuts on ceramic tile up to 10” x 10” using a carbide cutting wheel






Mini Tile Saw

1/2HP 115V Electric Motor. 17” straight cut and 12” diagonal cut Cutting depth up to 1-3/4” with 7” wet cut diamond blade. Stand Available







Tile Saw

1.5HP 120V Electric Motor. 24” straight cut and 20” diagonal cut (with table extension). Cutting depth up to 2-3/4” with 10” wet cut diamond blade. Stand Available


Bolt Cutters









Metal Detector








Epoxy Adhesive Gun





Long Range Finder







Nail Puller






Metal Saw Horse






Powder Actuated Stud Gun







Magnetic Sweep






Fish Tape





Wall Jacks







Measuring Wheel







Contractor Wheelbarrow







Traffic Cones












Barricade Lights




Pictures Not Yet Available

  • 12″x21′ Conveyor
Carpenter Tools

Carpenter Tools

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Compaction Equipment



Concrete Equipment


Jahn A Brackets

Finishing Broom

Magnesium Bull Float

Cobblestone Pattern

Cranes & Boom Trucks
Diamond Blades & Bits


Dry Wall Equipment


Electrical Cords


Power Distribution Box

Fans, Air Blowers & Movers



Floor Care



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